We support our community through fundraising, donations and sporting club sponsorships

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Hey there, Kandy House family!

You might not realize it, but every time you make a purchase from us, you’re doing so much more than satisfying your sweet tooth. Yeah, that’s right! It’s all because of YOU – our AMAZING customers – that we can GIVE BACK and make our community just a little bit sweeter. 

Here’s how it works: every time you buy something from Kandy House, even if it’s just a teeny-tiny purchase of $2, you’re actually playing a huge part in making some real magic happen. Your $2 candy spree is literally creating ripples of positivity out there. How cool is that?

Whenever our local community sends out an S.O.S, our superhero team, fondly known as ‘Mr. Kandy’s Community Squad’, wastes no time in springing into action. They’re always ready, always eager, always on the lookout for ways to spread some joy. And guess what? The resources we use for these acts of kindness come straight from the purchases you make. It’s a circle of love that keeps on giving!

Now, let’s talk about some of the awesome community fundraising events we’ve been involved in, thanks to your continued support:

Phoenix Dance and Cheer Fundraising: Have you ever seen kids light up when they dance and cheer? Thanks to our collective efforts, we’ve been able to support this fantastic initiative that gives young talents a platform to shine and build their confidence.

NDIS Fundraising: Making sure everyone, irrespective of their abilities, gets equal opportunities is super close to our hearts. We’ve joined hands with NDIS to ensure that the necessary funds are raised to support individuals with disabilities. 

AFL Juniors Football Player Sponsorship: The future sports stars! By helping sponsor junior football players, we’re ensuring that dreams get the chance to kick off and that young talent has the support it needs to shine.

These are just a few glimpses of the amazing organizations we’ve partnered with. And guess who made it all possible? YOU! So, from the bottom of our candy-filled hearts, we want to send out a massive THANK YOU. Keep being amazing, keep supporting, and let’s continue to spread sweetness together!