Unlock Exclusive Perks with Kandy House's VIP Membership Program

Welcome to the exclusive world of Kandy House VIP Membership, where every purchase becomes a gateway to a plethora of benefits, designed with you in mind. Our VIP Membership Program is crafted to enhance your shopping experience, offering you more value, exclusivity, and enjoyment with each visit to our store.

VIP Member: Elevate Your Shopping Experience for Just $65 per Year

As a VIP Member at Kandy House, you unlock a world of exclusive benefits for an annual fee of just $65. Here’s what awaits you:

  • 2% Off Every Sale: Enjoy a constant 2% discount on all your purchases, making your shopping experience more rewarding.

  • VIP Members Only Draws: Enter members-only draws, where exciting prizes and exclusive offers await you.

  • Exclusive VIP Discounts: Get access to special discounts, reserved exclusively for our VIP members.

  • VIP Buy One, Get One Free Offers: Take advantage of our ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ deals, exclusively available to you.

  • Early Access to New Products: Be the first to explore and purchase our newest offerings before they’re available to the public.

  • Online Accessibility: Enjoy all these VIP benefits both in-store and online, for a seamless shopping experience.

Kandy House VIP member

Executive VIP Member: The Ultimate Shopping Companion for $160 per Year

Elevate your membership to VIP Executive and immerse yourself in the ultimate shopping experience for an annual fee of $160. The VIP Executive tier is designed for those who seek the best in shopping experiences, offering:

  • 7% Off Every Sale: Amplify your savings with an exclusive 7% discount on every purchase.

  • VIP Members Only Draws: Gain entry to exclusive draws with even bigger prizes and more luxurious rewards.

  • Enhanced VIP Discounts: Enjoy more substantial discounts, crafted specifically for our VIP Executive members.

  • Buy One, Get One Free Offers: Continue to enjoy these amazing deals, but with even more options and frequency.

  • Complimentary Gifts: Receive special gifts, handpicked for our VIP Executive members, as a token of our appreciation.

  • Free Upsize on Large Hot Drinks: Every time you purchase a hot drink, we’ll upsize it to large, on the house.

  • Online Benefits: All these exclusive benefits are available to you both in-store and online.

Why Join Kandy House's VIP Membership?

At Kandy House, we believe in creating a shopping experience that goes beyond transactions. It’s about building a community of valued customers who enjoy the finer things in life. Our VIP Membership Program is tailored to offer you exclusive benefits that enhance your shopping journey, making each visit to Kandy House a unique and rewarding experience. From exclusive discounts to early access to products and special gifts, our VIP program is designed to provide you with a shopping experience that is as delightful as it is exclusive.

Become a part of the Kandy House family today. Choose the membership that suits your lifestyle and start enjoying a world of exclusive benefits and privileges. Join us in this journey of exquisite shopping experiences, tailored just for you.