Welcome to the mysterious and wonderful World of Kandy House.

A long time ago a seed was lost on a galaxy far, far away.  This seed showed up in a galaxy we now know as Earth. Mr Kandy found this seed over 4 years ago and planted it. Fast forward till 2023 Kandy Kingdom unravelled a spectacular place called Kandy house. 

A Magical kingdom was born in February 2023 and is NOW ADELAIDES BIGGEST LOLLYSHOP, People come as far as Mackay, Queensland and as far as Tasmania to visit the only Destination in South Australia that has no bigger range in SA of imported snacks chips and drinks then Kandy house.

With things like Chocolate coated Scorpions, through to Chocolate coated Tarantulas, Mr Kandy Scours the globe from top to bottom bringing the Weird, The Whacky, and the downright never to find sweets and treats NO ONE HAS in Australia in to has magical Kingdom.

Now Mr Kandy is Expanding and welcomes you to his magical Online Presence OFFERING A MUCH BIGGER RANGE, SWEETS AND TREATS NOT INSTORE, and let’s not forget all your party needs in one place.

SO, ARE YOU READY?? Be warned don’t get lost in Kandy Land because people have known to walk out with more then they intended due to their wildest imaginations being full filled.